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the piano trio Würzburg

"Which has played its way to the top of the piano trios since its inception".

Saarbrücken Newspaper

Over 21 years

Musically refined & matured

In more than twenty years, the sisters Karla-Maria Cording (piano), Katharina Cording (violin) and the cellist Peer-Christoph Pulc have honed the Würzburg Piano Trio into a phosphorescent body of sound based on three supporting pillars: unity, agility, dedication.

The nature of the vine to form a deep and widely ramified root system over the years, the three instrumentalists from
of the city with centuries of winemaking tradition in their blood and literally in front of their eyes during their rehearsals, because all three live, teach and work in Würzburg. This is the trio’s greatest unique selling point – the three exceptional musicians have been making music together for over 21 years and not only meet on the occasion of their concerts, but also refine and deepen their joint playing around 200 days a year.

"As if from one cast, three musicians play together here and yet maintain their individuality."

Danube Courier

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Days a year

Deeply rooted &

finely branched

Just as composers mature with their work and the essence of their artistic expression often only becomes fully perceptible in later works, so too is the experience of the piano trio that with each successive year the roots of the music go deeper and its own sound matures again and again in a new way.

On the one hand, the context and depth of the compositional work becomes audible; on the other, the musicians’ decades-long musical connection and involvement with each other and with the work itself lend the music an immediate liveliness and pulsating veracity. 

In order to capture the musical content of the works even more finely, the trio looks back on a partnership with the Center for Music Research at the University of Würzburg under the direction of Prof. Ulrich Konrad, which has now lasted over 16 years. Every year, a chamber music cycle was jointly developed and analyzed and accompanied by musicologists. In this way, the piano trios of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven (including the Triple Concerto), Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Schumann, Dvorák and Shostakovich found their way into the exceptionally extensive repertoire. In the meantime, these have been performed in more than 30 concerts in the Würzburg Residence.


On the important stages of chamber music

What began as a celebrated duo in childhood for the Cording sisters was completed as a trio by Pulc. The driving force was the pure joy of making music together, discovering new literature and the resulting connection to each other and to music.

Today the trio is one of the most established of its kind and is a regular guest on many stages of chamber music in Europe.

It has so far followed invitations to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Vienna, Paris; has had performances at such prominent venues as Munich’s Gasteig, the Regentenbau in Kissingen, Hamburg’s Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Dresden’s Frauenkirche, the Musée des Beaux Arts Caen, Wildt’schen Haus Basel, Heidelberg’s Alte Aula or Nuremberg’s Meistersingerhalle.

It performs at the Mendelssohn Festival Leipzig, the Jewish Culture Days Bad Kissingen, the Saarbrücken Summer Music, the Bayreuth Festival Soirées, the Hohenlohe Summer of Culture, the Oberstdorf Summer of Music, the Würzburg Mozart Festival, as well as for the German Schubert Society, the Saxon Mozart Society, Chopin Society of Texas, Leopoldina Halle and many others. The Würzburg Piano Trio also played for the awarding of the German Culture Prize to Daniel Barenboim in the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche in Munich.

comprises over 70 piano trios, including some rarely performed works, but also contemporary compositions, for example by Erkki Sven Tüür or Thomas Stöß, whose suite the trio premiered.

In addition, the trio likes to expand their programs with duo or solo works, which allows for unique versatility and flexibility.

Since 2016 there has been an extraordinary collaboration with the piano duo Anna and Ines Walachowski.

Recordings of the ensemble have been broadcast by many radio stations, including BR, NDR, SWR, WDR 3, MDR, Radio Bremen, Deutschland Radio Kultur. Four CDs have been released by Keferstein Records.

"There was pulsating life, virtuosic passages in the piano alternating with delicious commentary from the strings, one admirably told this lively and bouncing music."

Weser-Kurier Bremen

The musicians

About your work:

Just right

For your event

We play about 30 to 50 concerts a year in Europe and put together a tailor-made program from our extensive repertoire for each event.


Tailor-made program for your event, a concert is unique in itself.


We also like to perform virtuoso pièces and leave the trio formation.

Deeply rooted

Uncompromising shaping of solo & chamber music skills since childhood.


As a trio we are united not only by music but also by family ties. This familiarity is audible.

Press comments

"Far too seldom does one experience such a homogeneously performing ensemble with an admirably cohesive and compact sound that nevertheless vividly revealed every detail."

Saarbrücken Newspaper

"Daniel Barenboim expressed his gratitude in the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche for the award of the German Culture Prize (...) An astonishingly ambitious musical opening of the ceremony was provided by the Würzburg Piano Trio, and a no less artful but also deeply probing laudatory speech was delivered by SZ music critic Joachim Kaiser."

South German Newspaper

"The way they filled the stage with their instruments without dazzling orchestral accompaniment, yet immensely present, the way they absorbedly coaxed notes from their strings and keys - these unpretentious moments alone made the evening an experience."

Cologne City Gazette

"Piano trio music at its best, that's Klaviertrio Würzburg, which has quietly, and not just quietly, played its way to the top of piano trios since its inception."


"As if from one cast, three musicians play together here, feeling together and yet maintaining their individuality."

Danube Courier

The trio's enchanting playing captivates the listeners, who listen raptly. (...) A delight for music spoiled ears.

Southwest Press

"They play every note with a concentration and urgency as if their lives were at stake."

The patriot

"Brilliant, stirring, beguilingly beautiful: what the Trio Würzburg offered the audience at its recent guest performance at the Forum Jacob Pins was worthy of superlatives."

New Westphalian

"The three musicians convinced the audience with the Trio in A minor op. 50 by Tchaikovsky. Impressively, they proved why such a good reputation precedes them."

Frankfurter New Press

"One wheel seemed to mesh with the other, detail after detail flashed without losing sight of the big picture of cohesion."

Giessener Anzeiger

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    United for over 21 years

    What began in joint studies became a well-rehearsed community of exceptional musicians.


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