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"It was magnificently performed music that shone in its clarity and soulfulness. (...) The Würzburgers played ravishingly and in heartwarming agreement. Enthusiastic applause!"

Augsburger Allgemeine | 5/3/2022

"By Julius Röntgen (1855 to 1932) comes the Trio in C minor, op. 50. The The exciting start created a tense atmosphere of expectation, which was should fulfill in the course of the first movement - for example, at the concentrated dialogue of the instruments or with mysterious moments. The accurate tuning, but above all the imaginative Vein of the artists left amazed. What a chamber music pearl they are presented, was also evident in the Andante, in which they gave the folk song-like melody almost inexhaustible shadings awarded. The final allegro was no less enchanting."

Giessener Allgemeine | 25.11.21

"Klaviertrio Würzburg proved to be the hoped-for 'soul warmer' in the Bürgersaal."

Segeberger Zeitung | 11/23/21

"The wide arc of the theme, which is like concentric circles unfolds, is considered one of the most ingenious melodic inspirations of the young Brahms. The Würzburg Piano Trio mastered the interplay between piano and strings in a dreamlike manner and also shone at its very best in the furious finale of the Allegro."

Taunus News | 03.11.2021

"Chamber music at the highest level was celebrated by violinist Katharina Cording, the cellist Peer-Christoph Pulc and the pianist Karla-Maria Cording by the Piano Trio Würzburg in the Trio in G minor op.15 by Smetana. In a grippingly emotional and stirring way, they captured the dramatic The atmospheric content and the increases in the first movement, the dance-like moving ductus in the second and third movements and that full of Passion approached finale. The violinist with her expressive tone, the cellist with elegiac-warm sound and the pianist with clearly accentuated playing brought everything that Smetana so captivating: feeling for the Slavic color, melos, emotion, melancholic, but also the grippingly expressive Playing in a way that created sparks."

Badische Zeitung | 22.6.21

"So many different timbres are at the disposal of this trio. Disposal! Katharina Cording elicited dark earthy sounds from her violin. tones as well as bright whooping in common trill passages with the soft sound of the cello. In the full rush of life of the The trio even unfolded an orchestral effect in the final movement. especially Karla-Maria Cording at the grand piano impressed with top performance. But no difficulty seemed too high for the pianist, seemingly effortlessly, she also shone in the C minor Trio by Mendelssohn Bartholdy."

Passauer Neue Presse | 12.11.19

"Schubert's infinitely beautiful and substantial "Notturno" offered the Piano Trio Würzburg opportunity, with fine tone, gentle stroke and yet piercing intensity an all-around successful interpretation Deliver."

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt | 16.10.2019

"Of enchanting beauty was the concert of the piano trio Würzburg. (...) The two siblings Katharina and Karla-Maria Cording together with her cello partner Peer-Christoph Pulc played a ravishing program, which rightly made the full house cheer. brought."

NOZ Bramsche | 2.11.2018

"A highlight was the expressionistic suite for piano trio by contemporary Thomas Stöß. In his work, Stöß not only sends the "Viennese blood" through the shredder in order to reassemble it in an exciting way. With a neutron character, he ventures into the Tango Nuevo and spherical sound images. The trio played soulfully, wide awake and with pizzazz."

Kölner Stadtanzeiger | 5/7/2018

" With Katharina Cording (violin) and Peer-Christoph Pulc (violoncello) the excellent pianist Karla-Maria Cording had two partners, the wonderfully succinct phrasing and a highly string sound rich in substance.(...) Long and deep felt applause because of the excellent sound harmony of the excellent trio from Würzburg."

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt | 18.11.2017

"In keeping with the current festival motto, "Deep is the well of the past" (Thomas Mann) began the concert on Saturday in the Rathausfestsaal with the Suite for Piano Trio (2013) by Thomas Stöß (1969); he comes from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and works in Chemnitz. As summer music director Thomas Altpeter emphasized at the opening, is Stöß' suite is "nostalgic in several respects": for example, the Composer of Ettore Scola's largely in the past and dialogue-less film "Le Bal" (1983), and worked extensively with Kurt Weill, with salon music and jazz. The result was lushly colored music, sometimes whizzing along at a brisk pace ("Burlesque") and relevant dance rhythms with due obliqueness. processing ("Tango"), or also with melancholic-lyrical aura ("Valse melancolique"). The "Prologue" of the suite seemed to immediately turn into a long lost world. Almost to the grasp drew the piano trio Würzburg the emotional, lively and immediately appealing sounds from the pen of the conservative postmodernist from East Germany after. After this strong rendition, it was possible to Maurice Ravel's famous piano trio from 1914 almost takes your breath away. stop. The color palette ranged from slim line and of the strings and of the finest of the instruments. organic undulations of the keys - completely dedicated to the airy elegance according to the "impressionist" ideal - on the one hand up to the fat piano sepulchral basses of the "Passacaille" on the other. Far too seldom does one experience such a homogeneously performing Ensemble with admirably cohesive and compact sound, which yet vividly revealed every detail. This was technically and musically first class."

Saarbrücker Zeitung | 7.8.2017

On the one hand, with the sisters Katharina and Karla-Maria Cording as well as Peer-Christoph Pulc were accomplished, stylistically confident and glowing. performers have been gathered. On the other hand, the three were able to point to those level of ensemble playing, which renowned chamber musicians distinguishes. There one carries, supports, encourages the other, so that the listener gets the impression: there is a lot of power and ambition, but made music without any real effort. Prominent here the balanced ratio of beautiful sound, undisturbed flow, inner Movement and expression.

Free Press Reichenbach | 2/14/2017

"On the one hand, Stöß' "Suite for Piano Trio" is a structured, lively and well-considered use of modern means of design Composition. Secondly, with the Würzburg Piano Trio, there was a high class chamber music ensemble to be heard. (...) One draws on imposing way at a strand, presents meticulous fidelity to the notes, beautiful tone and round, natural music-making in front, with sharp Contrasts or passages of extreme expression are by no means left out of the equation. need to."

Free Press Plauen | 2/13/2017

"Listeners celebrate Trio Würzburg with ovations. Brilliant, stirring, beguilingly beautiful: what the Trio Würzburg presented to the Höxteran audience at his most recent guest performance at the Forum Jacob Pins, was Superlative Worthy."

Neue Westfälische | 22.11.2016

"The audience of the town hall concert on Saturday evening was once again so blown away by the sensitive, precise interplay of the three soloists of the Würzburg Piano Trio that it first and spontaneously after each effectively closing movement of the Piano Trio in E minor op. 92 by Camille Saint-Saëns applauded admiringly and shouted bravo."

Coburger Neue Presse | 22.10.2016

"The three musicians convinced with the Trio in A minor op. 50 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Impressively, they proved why they are so well such a good reputation precedes."

Frankfurter Neue Presse | 21.1.2015

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