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Karla-Maria Cording, the NOZ once wrote:

” …manages and inspires the musical heritage like the giant Fafner the treasure of the Nibelungen.

With great attention to her fellow players, with sheer irrepressible power and breathtaking accuracy in the coursing piano passages, as well as sensitive touch technique, she guards and develops the precious musical asset with great devotion and lets the complex sound structure shine in the most diverse, even mysterious colors.”

Karla-Maria Cording

In a nutshell:


Karla-Maria Cording is a graduate of the music academies in Hanover and Munich. Kirsti Hjort, Marta Sosinska, Vassilia Efstathiadou, Karl-Heinz Kämmerling and Margarita Höhenrieder were her teachers.

In addition, she graduated as Magistra Artium at the University of Würzburg with a thesis on Ravel’s piano cycle “Gaspard de la nuit”.

She also studied with the Würzburg Piano Trio, which she founded in 2001 together with her sister Katharina Cording and Peer-Christoph Pulc, in Hatto Beyerle’s chamber music class at the Hanover Academy of Music.

Since 2006 she has been teaching a large piano class as well as chamber music at the University of Würzburg. She has also been engaged as a lied accompanist at master classes of the German Schubert Society and as a juror at the “Jugend musiziert” competition.

Her personal passion is Ravel’s and Scriabin’s piano works.

Decorated with numerous competition prizes at an early age, she has performed at venues such as the Cologne Philharmonie, the Kurhaus Meran, the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonie, on Crete and at the EXPO Hannover.

She has recorded several CDs and has been broadcast many times on radio and television.

Since childhood she has been making music together with her sister Katharina. The sisters made their official debut in 1998 at the Würzburg Residence, sparking a storm of enthusiasm at the time.

"Karla-Maria Cording's fingers, meanwhile, danced in a speed over the keys of the Steinway grand piano, the Normal mortals not even when impatiently tapping their fingers on the Tables bring about. With all her virtuosity, the pianist let thanks to her at the same time soulful interpretation thoughts of Playing technique, however, forgotten. Only when they are in the middle of fast runs also quickly turned the pages of their notes, one wondered: how she's doing that now, too."

Kiel News

"Wonderfully cantabile and light was Karla-Maria Cording on the piano."

New Osnabrück Newspaper

"Karla-Maria Cording is a very great pianist. How they through their effortless technique and their so variable touch their parts designed, could only inspire. She had in the three offered works much virtuoso, but also very intense and thoughtful expressing themselves, and that made them empathetic and resonant."

Weser-Kurier Bremen

"In the full rush of life of the final movement, the trio even unfolded orchestral effect, with Karla-Maria Cording in particular on the grand piano with Top performance captivated. But the pianist did not seem to have any difficulty too high, seemingly effortlessly she also shone in the C minor trio by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who himself before this part as a "a little icky to play" had warned."

Passauer New Press

"This evening merged competence, perfect technique and most sensitive musicality into a fascinating unity. Karla-Maria Cording proved to be a brilliant pianist at the piano, whose effortless fluency and tonal balance immediately delighted."

Coburger Tageblatt

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