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Peer-Christoph Pulc


Through nobility, tranquility and depth

Cellist Peer-Christoph Pulc was born in Berlin. The name Pulc comes from Czech and is pronounced ‘pulse’.

As a soloist, he knows and cultivates the cello repertoire to its furthest ramifications. He has a special fondness for the cello concerto “Schelomo” by Ernst Bloch, but also the Capricci by Joseph Clemens Ferdinand Dall’Abaco or cellistic gems by Jacques Offenbach, Georg Goltermann and David Popper have a permanent place in his recital programs and recordings.

In 2001 he founded the Würzburg Piano Trio together with his partner Katharina Cording and her sister Karla-Maria Cording. In the trio, Pulc ideally embodies the archetype of its species through nobility, calm and depth.

Peer-Christoph Pulc

In a nutshell


Since 2007 he teaches violoncello and chamber music at the University of Würzburg. Many of his students have won prizes, passed entrance exams to conservatories, or are now dedicated educators themselves.

Pulc studied at the conservatories in Lübeck, Würzburg and Mannheim and graduated with a soloist’s diploma from the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts. Eckhard Stahl, Michael Flaksman and Siegfried Palm have left the greatest mark on him.

He has also worked in master classes with Eleonore Schoenfeld, Victoria Yagling, the Voces Quartet, David Grigorian, Arto Noras, Boris Pergamenschikow, Menachem Pressler and Heinrich Schiff.

He also studied with the Würzburg Piano Trio in the chamber music class of Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet) at the Hanover University of Music and Drama.

During his studies in Würzburg he had a temporary contract in the orchestra of the Landestheater Coburg.

He has repeatedly won prizes in the “Jugend musiziert” competition, in which he now frequently participates as a juror.

He has recorded several CDs and has been broadcast many times on radio and television.

A violoncello by Jörg Wunderlich from Markneukirchen and a Joseph Rocca from 1862 are playing.

"Peer-Christoph Pulc elicits expressive depth and warmth from his sonorous cello in the big tone. The soloistic, crescendoing He shaped repeated notes in the transition to the finale with overwhelming beauty and sonority and made it a Revelation of the Cello Sound."

New Osnabrück Newspaper

"Two highly virtuosic pieces by the cellist, composer and professor at the Royal National Academy of Budapest, David Popper, Gavotte op. 23. No. 2 and "Gnomentanz" op. 50 No. 2, played Peer-Christoph Pulc with intensely shaped cello tone, polished technique, equally witty and sentimental."

Coburger Tageblatt

"The cellist shone with two bravura pieces by David Popper. Minimalist small thematic motifs are repeated, modulate in several keys and sometimes change mood and expression. The Tarantella (op. 33) can allegedly be played only after an engraving said insect can be danced so spiritedly. The cellist and pianist demonstrated this breathtakingly - even without engraving."

Heilbronner Voice

"Based on a Jewish prayer recited on the eve of the holiday Yom Kippur, Max Bruch's composition "Kol Nidrei" assigns grateful solo tasks to the cello. Peer-Christoph Pulc filled them with poignant, sentimentality avoiding Urgency."

New Westphalian

"In the quite rightly named Introduction et Polonaise. 'brillante' op. 3 by the young Chopin, the duo shone: cellist Pulc with only on a cello and with a master of the instrument. impressive sounding cantilenas, and the virtuously playing Pianist with stormy piano performance, artful accompaniment and subtly chiseled final cadenza, which is then followed by a musically powerful the polonaise followed, ravishing in its entrancing rhythm MUSIC."


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United for over 21 years

What began in joint studies became a well-rehearsed community of exceptional musicians.

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